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No feedback yet. The main thing I noticed is there is a lot of treasure to hand out, and much of it will be unfamiliar to players.

here is a handout with stat blocks for all treasures in the scenario, divided by section. Formatted In docx and pdf.

Some of the treasures such as cordelia’s construct key are rather complex and can summon other creatures on top of having multiple activations, so it's a long handout. I'd recommend printing only what you're gonna use.

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Doug, thank you for making a handout! You are soo awesome!

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Ran this tonight, low tier 16 ChP.

B (Clockwork Seige) is ridiculous. If they didn't have two level 7 cloistered clerics on full rest they would have wiped. Two soldiers with reach + AOOs swinging at +18… plus resistance 5 physical!

Along with that, 4 Dig-widgets with Fatal d10 die and an ability that attaches them to PCs on hit and lets them move with them. And Sneak Attack. I'm still re-reading the encounter to figure out what the hell I messed up. Brutal.

The Dig-widget on AoN is a level 5 creature; the one printed in the scenario one seems to be a weaker version, but it has the same HP as the level 5 creature. I think having 50 HP each instead of 65 would have helped a bit. As it stands my party had to do 420 hp worth of damage to down all the creatures, two of which had decent resistance to physical damage.

I would strongly recommend GMs avoid this option unless they have lots of extra time and a very competent/overpowered party. And no swashbucklers.

The rest of the scenario was fine. The last combat has some fun abilities for monsters (Waking Nightmare).

Dig Widgets' Fastening Leap

Not 100% on how Fascinating Leap is supposed to work: "This is similar to grabbing the creature…" I decided it takes an action to Grab instead of effectively giving it Improved Grab (which would be way too good for a CR 4 creature in my opinion), but has all the other things that go with Grab, including making the PC grabbed flat-footed. Maybe that was wrong.

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My initial reading of the Fastening Leap ability is that it does allow grabbing automatically (no action), but that it doesn't make the target flat footed. I've always played bloodseeker's attach as not making the target flat-footed, and the dig-widget uses the same language. But it makes more sense for a tiny creature not to bog someone down than it does for a small one.

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I also read Bloodseekers "This is similar to Grabbing the creature" as giving them the Grabbed condition, and only change the explicitly mentioned details (no Immobilized, creature flat-footed and can move with the PC, the Dig-wiget can only make drill strikes).

Looking around, it seems like this is something people have sought clarification on a few times on forums such as Reddit 2e.

With Bloodseekers it's not a huge deal, but with a Fatal attack and Sneak it's quite important to the Dig.

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Starring to prep this now and a few issues:

Ruffians have Snagging Strike as a reaction, this is almost certainly a misprint and should be one action.

The Levalochs are missing the information on their Merciless Thrust.

The Elite Cave bear has a recorded perception modifier of 115.

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The bear is well-known. Most people around here just roll with it as the most perceptive bear in the world.

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