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Hello, friends! I've been working on launching another Age of Worms game lately, and I'm working on a content warning sheet using this excellent resource from the Consent in Gaming supplement written by Sean K. Reynolds and Shanna Germain. Anyways, it got me thinking the work I was doing might be helpful to others!

So, here's my (fairly informal) list of major potential triggers for each chapter. This list may not be totally complete, especially since I haven't finished the AP yet (my longest-running game is currently on Chapter Nine). I'm also not going to include standard Pathfinder CWs like "gore" and "violence". An asterisk is next to triggers that can be quite easily cut out, or that are entirely optional bonus flavor, such as the character of Constance Grace.

Broad or Constant Triggers
Nihilism/the end of the world
Undeath and a general feeling of rot
Religious extremism and cults

Chapter One: The Whispering Cairn
- Harm to children (implied)
- Self-harm (religious)*
- Animal abuse*
- Poverty and worker abuse
- Freak shows*
- Violence against sex workers (implied)*
- Implied zombie necrophilia*
- Drowning
- Paralysis
- Elemental slavery (implied)*
- Drug addiction*
- Fatness framed as villainous

Chapter Two: The Three Faces of Evil
- Self-mutilation (religious)
- Animal abuse
- Magical insanity
- Suicide (implied)*
- Eye trauma
- Villains with deformities

Chapter Three: Encounter at Blackwall Keep
- Colonialism
- Fantastical racism
- Child endangerment
- Mass PC killing of nonevil humanoids

Chapter Four: The Hall of Harsh Reflections
- Giant spiders*
- Villainous madness*
- Player vs. Player deception/betrayal
- PC being kidnapped/rendered helpless
- Mind control/mental enslavement
- Paralysis
- Negative encounters with law enforcement
- Drowning
- Giant squids
- Mental illness
- Suicide/self-harm*
- Torture (implied)

Chapter Five: The Champion's Belt
- Mass death of noncombatants
- A man murdering his girlfriend
- Mental illness
- Prisoner abuse
- Violence against disabled person
- Villains with deformities
- Offscreen deaths of friendly NPCs

Chapter Six: A Gathering of Wounds
- Mass death of noncombatants
- Giant spider
- Mental illness framed as villainous or dangerous*
- Kidnapping

Chapter Seven: The Spire of Long Shadows
- Mass death in cult
- Magical insanity
- Paralysis
- Hallucinations

Chapter Eight: The Prince of Redhand
- Police state
- Eating of sapient beings/cannibalism
- Public executions
- Torture
- Villainous madness
- Nooses/hanging
- Villainous deformity
- Sexual harrassment*
- Animal cruelty
- Fatness framed as villainous*
- Slavery*

Chapter Nine: The Library of Last Resort
- Villainous madness
- Animal cruelty (minor)
- Magical depression
- Betrayal

Chapter Ten: Kings of the Rift
I have not yet run this adventure, nor have I read it many times, so I don't have a ton for you here.
- Slavery
- Paralysis
- Villainous madness
- Betrayal
- Mind control

Chapter Eleven: Into the Wormcrawl Fissure
I have not yet run this adventure.
- Insanity
- Body horror/fleshwarping
- Sexual assault (implied)
- Torture
- Villainous insanity

Chapter Twelve: Dawn of a New Age
I have not yet run this adventure, nor have I read it many times, so I don't have a ton for you here.
- Chance of an extremely dark ending
- Villainous trauma victim*
- Mass death of noncombatants
- Eye trauma

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