Cleric Concept for Abomination Vaults?


I'm split between choosing to go with a human/elf aasimar Cleric of Ashava or a kitsune Cleric of Tsukiyo for this campaign. Which concept seems like it might offer the better tools, or even a better connection to the narrative of the AP?

I'm not overly versed in the lore of the particular deities - just what I read on their Nethys pages. But the two seem pretty similar mechanically.

Of the two, I would personally go with Tsukiyo. Occultism is a good skill to have in Abomination Vaults, and it could be fun to have to reconcile the edict 'help the dead find their rest' with the anathema 'force aid on those who do not want it'.

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Cleric of Ashava will be a delight to play in this AP for RP. Be sure to completely read and remember the goddess description.

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