How is the kingdom building going?

Kingmaker Second Edition

My group is about to establish their kingdom and start kingdom building rounds. This system is a lot more involved than the previous system. I'm wondering for those groups that have already reached the kingdom building phases, how is it going?

Any major issues? Any good fixes? Are the players enjoying it?

Sovereign Court

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I've been doing some sims of Kingdom building with someone and the basic framework is solid but you can tell the rules were not actually playtested.

There's definitely some flaws.

Once we finish this current sim I plan on making a large post about it.

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I simmed a few Kingdom Turns, as well. Two things I intend to change:

1) At least until the PCs' Kingdom catches up level-wise with the PCs, I would change either the XP reward for excess RP from 1 XP per RP to 10 XP per RP or lower the amount of XP needed to gain a Kingdom Level. Otherwise it will probably take 4-5 in-game years for the Kingdom to reach level 4 and be ready to start Book 2.

2) I would allow the PCs capital to either have an influence sphere of 1 or to grow into a town before Kingdom Level 3 so they can get an influence sphere of 1. That way they don't have to wait until level 3 before they can build farms.

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I ran some turns last night. I am thinking of increasing influence values. Villages should be able to have farmland reduce their consumption. That was an odd choice as most villages survive from farming without the need for purchasing outside food. It seems strange to me that villages would have to work so hard to obtain food regardless of how long they exist.

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