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Just wondering what is the cost for retraining when you are field commissioned to a specific school e.g., to the School of Swords? Is it 14 days, or can you just join as you are field commissioned?

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The Guide says 14 days, so it is 14 days. Just imagine that you are having to cram for some admissions tests to get the notice of the Venture Captains when they are handing out free supplies before an adventure.

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Schools are as much about the connections you made as your qualifications.

So it is more like taking "makeup" courses. Hanging out with faculty during their office hours. Attending conferences and get togethers. Making friends. Influencing and impressing people.

All Pathfinders (except field commissioned agents) will have *passed* all 3 schools. The school affiliation represents being connected enough to the school to get special benefits.

Conversely, retraining to "Field Commission" involves forging contacts and relationships outside the Pathfinder Society.

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Note that if you have not chose *any* school affiliation, you can chose anything except field commission for free. This represents you *having* the affiliation, just never having leaned on them before. (Since Field Commission is a school affiliation, you cannot switch from it for free.)

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