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How about this? A set of 5 extra large flip Mats in a boxed set. Each side has a different level of the dungeon so you don't have to draw it out. 5 mats for the 10 levels. Maybe another mar with cemetery and cave area. Charge like 100 bucks. I think it will sell good. I know they'd have to be big Mats.

Dear lord in heaven yes. I came to this section precisely to figure out how on earth I'm going to get these gigantic maps going for my players. Printing out dozens of 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper seems really obnoxious and daunting (to do it right, I mean).

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CapeCodRPGer wrote:
A set of 5 extra large flip Mats in a boxed set. Each side has a different level of the dungeon so you don't have to draw it out. 5 mats for the 10 levels.

Probably closer to $600 for those maps.

James Jacob's response to a similar request for Curse Of The Crimson Throne flip mats


Requests for a 1-inch-per-square map of Scarwall is the first time I did the math ages ago, but let me re-check that real quick...

et's go with the largest sized flip mat we can produce, which is a map that's 30 squares by 46 squares, with each square being 5 feet. So a single version of our most enormous map can cover an area that's 150 feet by 230 feet. For the standard size flip mat, we can do an area that's 30 by 24 squares, so 150 feet by 120 feet.

The ground floor of Scarwall is an "L" shape on its side, so let's split that into two rectangles since we don't need to map a large section of lake.

The main section of Scarwall's ground floor measures about 430 feet by 250 feet. The guest wing section measures about 320 feet by 170 feet.

So to cover the bulk of the main section, we'd need two side-by-side of that largest flip mat (which would cover an area that's 460 feet by 300 feet. To cover the guest wing section, we'd need 1.5 of those maps, so let's switch down to the standard size flip mat, which lets us cover that area with two of those (a 300 foot by 240 foot area)... although we'd lose 20 feet 4 squares) on the sides, but that can be made up by the fact that the main section is 6 squares more than it needs to be.

Which means that to cover one floor of Scarwall, you'd need four flip mats. And since it'd be best for you to be able to put those all four down side-by-side, that means that the opposite side of the flip mat wouldn't be useful, so you're talking two regular flip mats and two enormous flip mats to cover the first level of Castle Scarwall. That would be akin to the cost of one multi-pack flip mat and two enormous ones—or something like $77.

We can publish the second floor of Scarwall on the back sides of those two enormous flipmats, and the third floor on the back of one of the regular flip mats, and the towers and roof on the back of the other flip mat.

Next you'd need the map of the caverns. That's another regular flip mat, so now the cost goes up by another 16 bucks—we're at $93 for this adventure. We could PROBABLY fit the Barbican on the back side of that one, but the upper floors of the barbican would be tricky—we might need to move one or both of those to the map that presents Scarwall's towers and roofs.

So in all, you'd have a product that's just shy of $100 to cover one voulme of six in Curse of the Crimson Throne. It's not a big stretch of the imagination to assume that you'd have to spend $600 to get the maps for the entire Adventure Path.

And it's more than just a gut feeling that most folks wouldn't want to spend a hundred bucks a month to get the maps to cover their Adventure Path volumes—it's the added logistics on our side as well, where we'd have to ship and warehouse and move and handle a 500% increase to our regular flip mat work... and that doesn't even touch the impact it would have on the art and cartography side of things having to produce maps at such a larger scale.

I imagine there could be a fairly big market for anyone who can make these kinds of things for cheaply enough to make it feasible. Because it's my main issue with tabletop RPGs at this point. Like, the main impediment to playing.

Sovereign Court

As a fellow hater of drawing maps, I've tried a couple different methods as I've been running my group through this. Part of the problem is that the maps were never designed for that size... Most of the dungeon's levels would take 2 adjacent Enormous size flip-mats to print/draw. I've resorted to using Adobe to blow the map up to scale, cut it into pieces that fit on a 48"x36" print, and paying to have them done in black and white at my local FedEx Office. Level 9, however... I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle that one. Blown up to 1 inch squares, the full map for level 9 is approximately 9 feet by 7.5 feet. I might have to move the game to Roll20 just for that level alone

I'm coming to realize that it's either play online and use digital tools remotely, or you build a TV table. Everything else (other than flip-mats) is extremely underwhelming.

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