How to acquiere a riding drake as companion animal in PFS ?

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Riding drake are uncommon animal companion mount.

I'm Kobold ancestry, in Pathfinder Society, and Abadar Champion, cavalier dedication (I know, I search the difficulties)...

Can I have a riding drake mount because of cavalier dedication (riding drake is a mount animal companion with draconic trait) ?

if not, should I have a acces boon ? and which scenario give the boon ?

if none exist, writers please, give a young drake to ride for the kobold !!!
we want it,
it's precious for us...
we need it....

OR be aware that a Kobold revolution will rise and burn all Golarion and even other plans !!!! Kobold Power !!!!! :0) :0) :0) :0) :0)

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None exists

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Hammerjack is correct, at the time of writing no option to access that particular creature does exist, but you can spend some ACP to get an undead mount that might look a tiny bit like a drake. From my understanding skeleton mounts arrive in a tightly packed package full of bones and glue.

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There was a scenario in season two that felt like it was starting a plotline that might lead to riding drakes, but we haven't been back to that story since then.

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I would love to see this come in as a boon. It would be nice to have some fun animal companions listed in the ACP boons.

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