need big damage


My current lacked a real up front damage dealer, so far this roles was filled by me a monk and another guy that plays a magus. We have both came close to biting the dust a few times< and if i do in plan to come back as a big time up front damage dealer. That brings me to the questions what cals or archtype can deal the most melee damage per round on avg. Thank you in advance.

Barbarians might just be what you're looking for.

Paladin will be up there.

Vivisectionist alchemist is nice.

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translating Thomas's post:

Am smash.

Am smite.

Am stab.

I play am stab now. Natural attacks is probably optimal for vivisectionist.

Depending on your group...

Playing a paladin makes you great against evil... So, are any char in your group evil, thus may not be your best option...

Barbarian are great at dealing damage, but depending on the build, can suffor on defense...

Figthers can be build for offense and defense, but suffor on out of combat rp

If your group often fight the same type of enemies, ranger may be the right solution...

In other words, any full base attack char is viable...

Ps. Most 3/4 bab (alc, cle, rog etc.) Can be build for damage too, brings lots of other aspects to the game, but can suffor on "to hit"...

Also... Consider a blaster mage...

We have a wizard a bard and a magus so trying to stay away from acrane class I have looked at the wild rager barbarian arctype. any suggestions on getting most damge output as far as feats or rage powers.

If you want to deal consistently strong damage against a wide variety of enemies, I suggest barbarian or fighter using a two-handed weapon.

Magus are good at burst damage, as are inquisitor archers (after buffing). Then again, lots of classes can deal good burst damage but often cannot sustain it if you have many encounters per day.

There are some DPR threads on the boards somewhere that might help you decide. They should be easy to find with a search. Good luck!

I suggest barbarian as well, because they unlike the fighter have more roleplay options, and more abilities to make them more of a threat. Such as:


Rage powers: superstition, witch hunter spell sunder, greater beast totem ( pounce), come and get me are the best rage powers you can get.

Rage: increases your health and your damage from con and str respectively. Increased strength gets 1.5x for damage treatment, which is better than a fighter.

Raging brutality: use 3 rage rounds to apply your con modifier to each of your attacks for damage. Again, due to rage this will also be increased.

Go with a BigStupidFighter. Have your wizard enlarge/haste/buff you up. Pick a greatsword, power attack, weapon focus/spec and you'll be good to go.

Is it super fun to play? Not if you only look at the cookie cutter-ness of it. Give him some personality quirks. Base him off a character you liked in a book/movie/show/story. Do something to make him more than "i roll d20's and 2d6 when i hit".

Shadow Lodge

i really like a fighter 3/oracle2/barbarian 7

a metal oracle, with armored hulk, and weapon master
you take thunder and fang + potion of enlarge person and lead blades, to crush people with a 6d6 weapon. once you hit bab 6 you take vital strike and furious finish. it is so funny watching people getting slapped in the face with maximized fireballs every round.

sidekick that sounds intresting as we are 9th lvl so i9f i die multi classing not a problem would two hand fighter be better then weapon master so x2 str instend of 1.5?

In my experience you can never go wrong with a 2h weapon wielding fighter or barbarian. A human barbarian with come and get me, superstitious, and greater beast totem will be an enemy wrecking machine. He will charge pounce full attack every round, and when an enemy attacks him he gets an AoO that resolves first. Combine this with high strength, and a nodachi with keen or improved critical and you'll be killing things left and right.

How about a reach weapon for one of the various 2 handed users suggested? This would allow you battlefield control along with your large damage. Just have a decent DEX (maybe around 14) and grab combat reflexes, and you will be generally good to go. Smack anything that would dare try to get around you!

I personally like the idea of using a dwarf and grabbing a dwarven long hammer. It is basically a greatsword that hits from 10' away. What is not to love? They also make great barbarians since their slow speed is solved with the speed bonus, and they have a racial bonus to CON and WIS (always good to help with the will save).

Reach has its uses, but I generally prefer to just use a ring of enlarge person. Now, if you want super reach, you could go with a ring of enlarge person and wield a fouchard (Classic Horrors Revisted). It has a 18-20 crit range and reach. In generally, expanded crit range really helps melee a lot more than a higher critical multiplier unless you have somebody with the Butterfly Kiss feat (or whatever its called) that allows them to give you a critical instead of taking it themselves. Then you find yourself a nice person to dual wield kukris with you and you wield either a greataxe or a scythe with that nice big static bonus to damage from strength. You do +20 damage with power attack and your strength bonus? Hello x4 critical that happens every round.

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