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As the title says, I have a question about this creature, and I would like to be sure about using it for my future PFS games.

For you, is this creature a reptile? I know it looks like one with its scales and such, but I just want to be sure to avoid confusion with some games.

In the context, I have an Iruxi druid reaching level 4. I wish to get the Bonded Animal feat (I'm not in the animal order, so I don't already have an animal companion) and my first ancestry feat was Reptile Speaker.

So if the Blindheim is a reptile, thanks to Reptile Speaker, I would be able to speak and direct him far easier than any other animal.


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I would advise against picking up Bonded Animal in PFS.

Depending on your GM's interpretation, the Feat is either useless, or game-breaking.

(and I've encountered both extremes)

All that being said, the word "frog" comes up twice in their description. So while they're not technically amphibious, I would personally not rule them to be "reptiles".

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I am in camp, completely useless. Frankly, that seems like a great feat to ban in org play but..

To be honest, it's hard to find a good general/skill feat... in my opinion, being able to have a free scout can help a lot, especially if I can speak the language.

I have another animal in mind which is a reptile for sure (dinosaur trait), but the Blindheim looks more interesting if it's a reptile.

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You can purchase a Lizard, but it "cannot be combat trained or contribute to combat in any way". Could be a flavorful alternative to a Familiar.

Turtle, Snake and Dinosaur are also available, with the same restriction.

Other than those, I don't see any "reptiles" you can assuredly acquire anywhere.

Unrelated: I see that you can purchase butterflies; will have to keep that in mind for my Melixie Druid ^_^

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How did you acquire the Blindheim?

You can use downtime to interact with an animal to bond with the animal, but the animal does not appear from thin air - you still need to acquire the animal somehow. You could use this feat to bond with an animal that you've purchased, or if a scenario lasts really long in "ingame days", a GM might allow you to bond with an animal you've encountered during that scenario, but as normal for anything acquired during an adventure/scenario, it goes *poof* at the end of the scenario and does not follow you to the next one.

Oh, I thought I could approach any kind of animal (I suppose common) during downtime to try and bond with. Of course, not just *poof* like that, but after 7 days (or rather 8 in PFS), that wouldn't surprise me to manage to bond with a common animal.

I even saw once someone who planned to bond with a Tyrannosaurus while being low level... I know it's not specified, but I would at least expect that the animal wouldn't be higher than your level.

As of purchased animal, if you think I can "bond with an animal" with a purchased animal, is there a way to get stats? Because I might put them at risk (not fighting, but at most scouting in some potentially dangerous areas)

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Did you click the first link I posted?

Sorry, I'm still rather new around and took this link for a simple bold line. I checked the topic inside, and I can see the problems with Bond Animal. I'm still surprised that this isn't an uncommon or restricted feat since I doubt there is a way in a game to befriend an animal you meet, unless you're a druid and critically success with wild empathy.

Maybe I can buy an animal, but beside cosmetic (or the ability to hold a bulk for the lizard), can they be useful outside of battle? (Like spying for instance)

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DrakEmono wrote:
Maybe I can buy an animal, but beside cosmetic (or the ability to hold a bulk for the lizard), can they be useful outside of battle? (Like spying for instance)

They're essentially just pets. They "aren't sufficiently trained for combat and are habituated to lifestyles as pets, making such training all but impossible".

Their usefulness outside of combat is going to wholly depend on your GM. If you had, say, a puppy, and there was a social situation involving an orphanage, I might give you +1 to Impress the children. But another GM might not.

And if the caretaker of said orphanage turned out to be an evil witch and the party attacked them, the puppy would just run and hide. Animals not trained for combat flee when Initiative is rolled.

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Having an animal spy is... honestly next to unworkable in most situations, particularly if the creature does not come with stat... honestly, the best way to do scouting via animal is to polymorph into one yourself.

But let me be clear, splitting the party is often a bad idea, particularly splitting them a relevant distance that scouting does anything interesting while causing the entire group to make stealth checks. The exploration activity sort of replicates the idea of scouting with a bonus to initiative checks.

EDIT: Speaking to animals is often subject to huge table variation as well.

Edit2: The duration ending as soon as the scenario ends is one thing, but honestly your neighbor might be helpful to you.. might even accept packages for your or be willing to let your borrow a cup of sugar... they are decidedly less likely to leave their local area for you and travel to Tian Xia... just to name an example.

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