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There's a content warning for ableism in the campaign, which I see being a red flag for some of my players. I don't think I've ready anything in book 1 which fit that description, and I'm still reading book 2. I'm curious what the danger zones are. I'd like to be able to answer questions of how it is handled if they arise.

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I think Ableism in this context is for mostly reasons like "creatures that are deformed laboratory creatures or capable of causing crippling mutations"

Yeah, I would assume it's mostly coming in the form of grotesque body horror, as fleshwarping plays a significantly role lower down. Beating up on deformed, ugly mutants is likely to happen in some capacity, though there are options to avoid a fair chunk of it (dungeon diplomacy is rewarded in this AP).

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As a GM for this, can confirm it is mostly in the form of grotesquery and body horror. There's no *overt* ableism, and I don't recall any characters whose personalities may lend themselves to being ableist save for Jafaki, but Jafaki is also a giant centipede worm obsessed with physical perfection.

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Great, thanks gang.

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