Barfight in the Warped Brew Tavern! (spoilers)

Abomination Vaults

We resume our game this Sunday with my party of 5 (level 6 consisting of an investigator, witch, summoner, rogue, and gunslinger) intent on going in guns blazin'. The logic, as explained to me, is "we'll have to fight them all at some point anyway, might as well get the jump on 'em". They have "recruited" the skulk arena champ from the spa, promising him the fight he craves with the Warped Brew manager, but his allegiance to their cause is flimsy at best.

The text implies the band should flee if violence breaks out and that the manager will take a few rounds to join the fray, but I dunno... I kinda don't wanna make it so easy for them to just go in and mow 'em down in little chunks. As I've estimated their odds based on the encounter difficulty tables, taking on everyone at once would be an Extreme challenge, and I'm thinking of having the skulk hold out and fight the manager 1v1 anyway.

What do you all think? how would you run it?

(note: should things go TPK, they have alternate characters waiting in Jafaki's lab on the same level that could possibly join to mount a rescue...maybe)

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