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I'm an Asian roleplayer who wants to get into pathfinder 1e, but I'm having trouble finding communities for PF1e (most groups I could find were mostly for PF2e). Are there any places like specific web forums or discord servers dedicated to LFP for pathfinder 1e? Most places just tell me to 'find a local game store', but since tabletop RPG like PF and DND are very niche in Asia that avenue is not available. Plus being in Asia means time zone problems when trying to find groups in a community that are composed predominantly with American/Europeans. Which is why I'm specifically looking for online communities.

Also would like to know if there's a LFP section for this Paizo forum, since I haven't been able to find it so far.

PS: I'm still slightly on the fence on whether I should focus my efforts on learning PF1e or PF2e. I'm interested in some of the PF1e Adventure Paths, but don't really know if I can actually find a group for them. PF2e is the 'current' edition and is active, but I have not been exposed to anything in that direction just yet.

For PF1 you can look in roll20, reddit, various discords (up to you which one you join), asking your friends (I asked in various discords even those that didn't weren't focused on that).

Paizo has a play by post area of the forums, I am not sure if they also have a looking for group section.

For local game store, although the game might be niche you might be able to find a group who plays it. Just like you can find people who play some of the asian TTRPGs in the west. It doesn't hurt to ask.


Regarding focusing on PF1e or PF2e. There really is no reason why you can't enjoy both, specially when it comes to converting adventure paths to and from each version. You certainly don't need a group to create characters or do a solo game (treat the adventure path as an open world literature RPG).

Also, keep in mind that PF1e while not active still has plenty of 3rd party content available for it and still being made. Sure its not as much as PF2e, but with how much was created for those 10 years you could literally play for decades.

For finding an on-line group, one option is the FantasyGrounds (virtual tabletop) discord and/or web forums, as their discord has a channel for people looking to play as well as a PF1-specific channel.


(Scroll to the bottom for links to find games, join discord, etc).

QQinfinity wrote:
Also would like to know if there's a LFP section for this Paizo forum, since I haven't been able to find it so far.

If play by post is something for you, the Recruitment section should help.

For the time zone problems, living world groups help. Those kind of groups have multiple GMs of different availabilities and have at least one session running every day. They tend to set them up a few days in advance too, which can help with availability.

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