Would a corpse compass reveal an undead masquerading as a living creature?

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Pathfinder #180: The Smoking Gun pg. 76 wrote:
This bone compass, made of the bones of sapient creatures that died violent deaths, is eerily effective when it comes to locating corpses. If you know you're Tracking a creature that's dead, you can use the compass's idiosyncrasies to your advantage and gain a +2 item bonus to your Survival check to do so. Otherwise, it works as a normal compass.

I am playing a skeleton fighter in full plate masquerading as a living half-orc fighter in the March of the Dead adventure from the Book of the Dead. I have the As in Death, So in Life feat as well as a Hat of Disguise currently active at the time, when a suspicious party member whips out a Corpse Compass. I have so far passed my deception checks when needed, and casually "revealed" myself helmetless while wearing the Hat twice, but this player remains suspicious. In your opinion, would the Compass reveal my true nature?

In my opinion, even if it worked it would have to be some kind of check vs. your Deception DC, not an automatic win. On the other hand, I don't know if the compass is intended to work in a particular way regarding undead but my gut feel is that an undead creature isn't a corpse anymore, so isn't a valid target for something which is supposed to detect objects.

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>if you know

The metagaming player's character doesn't know your character is undead (and is not tracking you in the scene you describe) so >it works as a normal compass

The GM didn't allow it to work, and I was a little disappointed because I kinda want them to find out, haha

A low-level way to distinguish hidden undead is to cast Summon Servitor at level 2 to conjure a nosoi, whose lifesense can readily distinguish between the living and undead. Alternatively, if you have excuse to get a little holy water sprinkled on yourself...

I'm assuming there's no clerics channeling 3-action Heals?

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Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:
I'm assuming there's no clerics channeling 3-action Heals?

"Oh, that's odd. Usually Qi Zhong's blessings fall upon everyone in equal measure. Did I fail to notice that you were farther afield than the others?"


I've been hit with burst heals, but have a channel protection amulet. I really haven't taken much damage due to the reach of my halberd and Lunge feat, and the fact that the zombies haven't been keen to attack me (but they have when I waded into the hordes).

Correction- just got dropped by skeletal champions, haha

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