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Hello Paizo Forums!

I'm DM Floh - Furry Dungeon Master for various campaigns 3.5e, Pathfinder1, and now 2e for the past 14 years. I love flooding the players with information, and making combats intense.

We lost a dear friend to sickness this past year, and we regret not having sessions recorded with for memories with him. So, I've decided to start streaming & publishing what we do!

A NEW CAMPAIGN BEGINS. The Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path starts at level 11, and goes to 20. I've wanted more experience DMing in the higher tiers, so this is where we wander!

Everything's hooked up in FOUNDRY and DISCORD, and I'm using some tech to use my VRChat model so I can make... HAND GESTURES

Follow team: THE FIFTH VERDICT as they survive the qualifier on DANGER ISLAND, and make their way to the championship! They've been given Free Archetype and Ancestral Paragon for MAXIMUM POWER. Everyone's anthropomorphized in some way!

  • Beileid - Sorcerer (Divine) / Familiar Master
  • Lady Dahlia - Thaumaterge / Zombie
  • Kritton-Rikka - Gunslinger / Berd
  • RAF - Magus / Witch
  • Skau'lix - Rogue / Cleric / Investigator
  • Zach - Magus / Investigator

disclaimer: our stream is not meant for children, and will occasionally have. mild vulgarities. this is why both are gated by 18+ requirements. I don't recommend keeping us on blast on the office-floor-speakers...

We're live on Fridays @ 5:30pm PST on!

Come check out our playlist on youtube!

We'll be posting schedule updates on our twitter, @catsandkobolds!

The hope is to improve the stream fidelity as we go! Sound is, so difficult to calibrate as a 1-man show.

Watch how I DM, how we've got our setup going, and maybe cheer the team to victory~

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