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A couple of question regarding Spell Gems and Spell Chips:
1) Do these items use your casting stats (CL and DC primarily)? It sounds like they do ('granting you the ability to temporarily cast the spell encoded within the gem without using up your daily spell slots'), but it isn't explicitly stated as such and I still have scrolls on my mind.

2) If you find/purchase a gem/chip with Polymorph on it, would it have a different set of forms than your own spell? If you created such an item, would it have the forms you knew at the time instead of the forms you have now?

3) For spell chips, what qualifies for the '+2 circumstance bonus to any skill check involving these spells' bonus? Would any skill buffed by the spell count? If so, chips of Fluid Morphism would probably be pretty popular once the 138 credit recharge cost becomes insignificant, as might Polymorph chips for technomancers who can put that spell in their cache (assuming some of the forms it have grant skill buffs).

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Wow, good questions! I'll take a stab at answering:
1. It's not explicitly spelled out that I can see, but yes, the rule I've always used & seen used is you use your regular caster level & stats. The gem lets you cast the spell as if you knew it without using spell slots, but in all other ways, it's as if you cast it normally.

2. This is a bit of a corner case. I would propose we take some guidance from the entry for spell amps, which aren't the same thing, but are in the same ballpark:
"When you are injected with a spell amp, you get to make any decisions about the spell’s effect as if you were the caster of the spell—you are both the effective target and the caster of the effect."
So I'd say the spell gem user gets to choose their own forms, rather than the gem's creator's forms. If the user knows the spell already, choose from their existing choices; if not, I dunno, mark down somewhere what your forms are, I suppose? And then you'd use those whenever you use Polymorph, regardless of from your own slots, spell gems, etc.

3. Also not explicitly spelled out anywhere, but I'm guessing the +2 is more in regards to any skill checks required to cast or use the spell, and not to any bonuses the spell itself gives. I don't think it'd come up too often, but I'd apply it to, like, the Cha checks for, say, Planar Binding (I know that's not a skill check, but still), or, say, if you used Comprehend Languages to make a Computers check in an unfamiliar coding language?
Starfinder tends more towards just saying "you can't cast a spell in difficult circumstances" rather than allowing you to make a check to do so, but - say, if you were in a hurricane, or on a wildly swerving vehicle, and had to make like an Acrobatics check or a Piloting check to try and cast, I'd allow the +2 in those kinds of circumstances, too.

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