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I had not been aware of this until seeing a video talking about all the MCU stuff from D23. This makes maybe two MCU items that have definitely piqued my interest, the other being Werewolf By Night.

D23 Expo 2022: Marvel Studios' 'Armor Wars’ Confirms Return of Don Cheadle

I’ll admit being a bit excited about this (for now). I always liked Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes. He’s a great actor, and I thought he and Robert Downey Jr. had good buddy-chemistry. So I’m happy to see him coming back for what looks to be an adaptation of a classic Ironman story.

I’ll say that I’m cautiously optimistic for this one. As more details come out that could change, for better or worse.

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I'm excited about this one also. Especially if they use it as a way to introduce Doom.

I also read that Secret Invasion will directly set up "stuff" for Armor Wars. Considering Rhodes is in SI, that makes a certain amount of sense.

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"Yes... Yes, this IS Tony Stank!" Don Cheadle is a great all around actor. In SI though, there are those online speculating Rhodey isn't Rhodey. I wonder if Armor Wars coming after Secret Invasion will make one the result of the other.

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I'm not excited for this, but I'll casually watch it as an existing subscriber. I don't have high expectations for Secret Invasion either seeing the current low cohesiveness of the MCU superheroes. Secret Invasion sounds like what Agents of SHIELD should have been, and Secret Invasion should really be all the superheroes pulling together to root out the skrulls from Earth. I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if Nick Fury actually pulls in some superhero assets into this but I have the feeling this is gonna be the Nick Fury and Mariah Hill show. Worst mistake MCU made was stranding the Howling Commandos in the 40's... this really killed access to the traditional/comic-based SHIELD content.

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Marvel Shakes Up ‘Armor Wars’: Don Cheadle Series Now Being Developed As a Movie

Damnit! Now this thread is in the wrong section!

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I was bummed with this news. I'd much rather a 6-8 hour story here than a 2 hour story focused on set piece battles (even though the movies still do a pretty decent job with character stuff it's far from the same level of depth.)

But I'm happy Don Cheadle is getting a headlining role in a movie, good for him!

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I have mixed feelings. I too prefer the series format to movies. On the other hand, I'm really glad Don Cheadle is finally getting lead in a Marvel film. About damn time. And while I'm not an SFX junkie, I expect this is the kind of story that would benefit from a movie budget.

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I'm guessing it will have about the same budget, but when applied to 2 hours or so of content, it will really shine compared to being spread out over 6 hours. Then again, a lot of the additional content in a TV show wouldn't be as effects driven either - more dialogue driven stuff will be left out. So hard to say. I do wonder if this means it's more likely it will introduce Doom though.

I find it doubtful Doom shows up in this film. More likely we might get Jocasta or maybe a better version of A.I.M.

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