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I have bought Skull and Shackles and Rise of the Runelords previously.

With these sets, the insert that came with the boxes did NOT work. Especially as I sleeved all the cards. Because of this, I bought a customized wooden insert from Broken Token to help manage the cards. I also got the UltraPro playmats, which I think are a really nice touch to the game. Honestly, I spent more money on the extras (Sleeves + inserts) then the games themselves as I was able to get the games and play mats at a massive combined discount deal.

A) If I intend on sleeving the Core + Crimson Thone cards as well, would they all fix in a box? Would this box be for the "Core" cards, or for the "Crimson Throne" Adventure. Would I also need a custom insert. I am not sure about the sizes of these two purchases

B) Are there any playmats for these? I really liked the character playmats in my other two boxes and would appreciate something similar if they exist.

Both Core Set and Crimson Throne content easily fit in the Core Set box with cards sleeved. However, note that the Core Set has a much simpler box design compared to the older sets. There's no plastic insert, just the box itself divided into three rows with foam blocks and labeled dividers to separate and organize the cards and other content (tokens, etc). For my needs it's functional enough, but certainly not an ideal solution compared to a proper insert.

I don't use playmats, so I'll let someone else cover that topic. :p

My experience with the simple boxes, dividers and foam blocks in Core box was much much better than trying to fit all of the S&S into the S&S insert when it is sleeved, even with very thin KMC PafuekutoSaizu :) sleeves. Accordingly, I made a few extra boxes for my S&S.
Surprisingly, you can fit the whole Curse of the Crimson Throne into its box, which is just a small box for storage. Of course, you can fit the whole Core set, Curse set, and maybe a better part of earlier expansions like RotR or S&S into the Core box. It is not as pretty, but much more functional to my taste.

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