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Hey everyone,

I have been unsuccessfully trying to join a D&D5e game for the better part of last year. Admittedly I also tried running one, but things unfortunately did not pan out as I would like them to…

I am an almost complete noob with 5e, even though I have played all the editions before - and as with everything in this www of ours, I have read all sorts of opinions on the system, from saying it is a waste of space, to being complimented as the best system in the market :D

Since nothing replaces one’s own experience, I decided to invest time in looking for a PbP game to test the waters with a simple, straightforward Paladin build, but it hasn’t been easy so far - not that many 5e games here on the Paizo forums (as expected I guess), and I have tried other forums (which shall remain nameless) with the same lack of success, and actually some disappointment at the community in terms of behaviour, activity, PbP ethics and so forth.

This is a sort of ‘Interest’ thread, but in reverse, so as the title says, if anyone has been feeling an unstoppable urge to run a D&D5e game which accepts inexperienced players, please do not hesitate! I think we have very good player/DM dynamics in these forums - so it would be good to have a shot at trying a new system in this environment.


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Might I suggest r/LFG on Reddit? I've had about half of my current players come from there.

Thank you Leon - I will take a look!

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We lost a few on our Icewind Dale run. It started as Adventurers League, then kind of went the direction of homebrew. We were discussing reopening recruitment...

Come check us out!

Recruitment Thread


A bump just to say I am still looking, in case anyone out there feels that unstoppable urge I referred to before - to run a D&D5e game which accepts less experienced players :D

(And a note to thank Aeshuura for the previous recommendation, but 'unfortunately' the game was starting at level 5, which seemed a bit too high for someone learning the ropes.)

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Yeah, sorry about that! Maybe we can find someone to run an early Adventurers League module for tier 1!

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It just struck me that you could try this game on Tavern-Keeper.com!


You can see if they need another player. They were looking for some earlier. It is a little different from the Paizo messageboards, but has some neat functions too!

Anyway, best of luck to ya!

Thank you again Aeshuura!

I am actually keeping tabs on TavernKeeper, but that game is not flagged as Looking for Players. Worth a shot though.

There are several 5e games looking for players in Myth Weavers, I think. Worth a try, I guess.

Yep, I am also keeping an eye on Mythweavers.
Thanks Jereru!

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Ah, it looked like it was this morning. Maybe the DM just took it off. It looks like they have 4 players now.

I have been wanting to learn 5e. I might be willing to start a game. I'm a long time DM/GM but I have zero experience with 5e, other than listening to a few 5e podcasts. Perhaps we can start up something low key, and see what comes of it.

I like that idea ;)

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Rigor, if you are interested, I can share a couple of the early Adventurers League modules. They are pretty self-contained and could be a good stepping point to a future campaign.


You can start with Matt Colville's little adventure here and do your own homebrew world:

YouTube link

Either sounds good.

Albion, seems like you have a level 1 campaign in mind? That is probably the best place to start.

I like the idea of playing in a D&D5e game - unfortunately I have no room to DM one :D

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