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Here's the scenario, my level 7 Wizard friend has casted the Fly spell on me to deal with some pesky flying monkeys. I fly up to the monkey, then engage in a grapple. I could stop and if the grapple isn't broken on the monkey's turn, and as he cannot make any move actions to continue to fly we assumedly would both plummet to the ground. So instead I have opted to use my wrestler skills and attempt to Suplex the monkey out of the air sparing myself in the shared falling damage. Is this viable? I have listed what I think are the involved traits and actions but again am not sure if they interact the way I think they should.

You move through the air up to your fly Speed. Moving upward (straight up or diagonally) uses the rules for moving through difficult terrain. You can move straight down 10 feet for every 5 feet of movement you spend. If you Fly to the ground, you don’t take falling damage. You can use an action to Fly 0 feet to hover in place. If you’re airborne at the end of your turn and didn’t use a Fly action this round, you fall.

Flexing your entire body, you heave your opponent over your head and slam them into the ground. Make an unarmed melee Strike against the creature you have grabbed or restrained; on a success, the target lands prone, and on a critical success, the target lands prone and takes an additional 2d6 bludgeoning damage. Regardless of whether the Strike is successful, you immediately release your hold on the target.

You're lying on the ground. You are flat-footed and take a –2 circumstance penalty to attack rolls. The only move actions you can use while you're prone are Crawl and Stand. Standing up ends the prone condition. You can Take Cover while prone to hunker down and gain greater cover against ranged attacks, even if you don't have an object to get behind, gaining a +4 circumstance bonus to AC against ranged attacks (but you remain flat-footed).

If you would be knocked prone while you're Climbing or Flying, you fall (see Falling for the rules on falling). You can't be knocked prone when Swimming.

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Suplex is worded in a way that assumes you are already on the ground. I would just make them fall as if you successfully tripped them.

Normally, Suplex is used when already on the ground.

However, I could see using it in the air if you have a fly speed.

If you succeed, both of you would fall to the ground at that point - taking fall damage as normal. The Suplex'ed enemy would also take the additional damage from the Suplex. And you (but not the enemy) could use the Arrest Fall action to avoid the damage.

If you fail, then only you would fall to the ground, but you could still attempt to Arrest Fall.

Thanks for the clarification! I figured that Suplex assumed that you have the target grappled on the ground.

Cordell Kintner wrote:
Suplex is worded in a way that assumes you are already on the ground. I would just make them fall as if you successfully tripped them.

Mechanically, Suplex is a one action strike and trip so I would see how this would be ruled similarly.

Thanks again for the input.

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