Kinetic Form at 16th+

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Kinetic Form wrote:
You are able to suspend your body in a large mass of elemental matter. Until the next time your burn is removed, you can change your size to Large or shift back to your original size as a standard action. This doesn’t change your ability scores in any way. At 16th level, you can accept 1 additional point of burn to instead change your size to Huge. You cannot use kinetic form to decrease your size.

If you were 16th level and spent 2 burn, do you HAVE to change size to Huge and back to normal or can you choose to change to Large at any time (as a standard action)?

Using 1 burn, you can switch between Large and Medium all day (as a human). Using 2 burn can you only switch between Huge and Medium, or could you be Huge for a bit, switch back to Medium, then change to Large (instead of Huge) and then back to Medium (or up to Huge) as a standard action?

Doesn't seem broken to do so, but I just wanted to make sure before I get to 10th and possibly take this power.

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