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I didn’t see a thread about this, so…..

Anyway, I discovered this show on HBOMax, whilst searching the site for something new to watch. I loved it from the first episode. Cool animation. Great stories. I think my favorite from season 1 was the battle against the ape-men.

The second season is in full swing now, and has vastly expanded on the world of Spear and Fang. The battle against the village (of vikings?) was brutal. This newest episode, which I just watched, jumped the timeframe up to the late 1800s, and had a cool bit with I think who’s supposed to be Charles Darwin. I found it interesting that, physically, the escaped lunatic resembled Spear.

I’m looking forward to seeing where else the series goes.

I've noticed the show but haven't given it a shot yet. Maybe I will once I've finished True Detective s.3, possibly before Locke & Key s3.

I love the series in the first season, don't know about second season.

Scarab Sages

Today’s episode went back to the past. Father and son Vikings (and beast tamers, apparently) in a battle to the death with Spear, Fang, and Mira. Dad Viking might still be alive. We’ll see.

And now Fang is going to have more babies. Unless tragedy strikes again.

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Now we have what look to be Egyptians and Babylonians (according to Wikipedia). And some Goliath looking dude. I’m hoping he ends up teaming with Spear and Fang.

And it looks like the Viking son and dad both ended up in the very bad place (Muspelheim apparently) only to see dad make a deal a devil (Surtr, again apparently).

It’s still fun, but I think I preferred when they were just fighting monsters and other primitive types.

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As an aside, I watched a YouTube video the other day, and someone mentioned the idea of an animated Silmarillion. I think Tartakovsky would be perfect to run something like that. He’s awesome with animation, and I have a feeling he’d have respect for the source material.

Wait didn't this come out years ago? Or was it a miniseries they're re making?

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Well, the Amazon series (very, very loosely) based on some names, places and events pulled from the LotR appendices is about to premier. If that’s what you mean.

Sadly (or perhaps not), I don’t believe there’s ever been an adaptation of the Silmarillion. I don’t think anyone’s obtained the rights to that story yet.

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The episode last week was kind of sad, but heartening. It was sad to see Spear, Fang, and the Big Guy enslaved by the evil Egyptian Queen in her palace ship. The heartening part came when Spear broke free, reunited with Mira, and started their four-character rebellion.

And then we had more sadness as the evil Queen recaptured the kid and the baby dinosaurs. I really just want to see her get her just desserts.

Looking forward to the inevitable showdown with Viking Chief turned demon thing.

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Finally we see the heroes break free of captivity and take it to their captors. And the evil queen got a richly deserved long drop and sudden stop. I liked the backstory on the giant and his people - how they were pacifists.

Now we just have to wait for next week’s (I think) season finale, and the showdown with the Viking Chief reborn as fire demon thing.

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Well, that was a tiny bit anti-climactic and sad. I thought the fight between Spear, Fang and the Viking-turned-fire-demon would be a little longer and more epic in scale. I was also hoping Spear would get to live. Maybe he did, but it doesn’t seem like it.

I guess that’s the end of the series. I can’t see it being very interesting if they try to move forward without one of the two main characters. Still, maybe it’s fitting it ended this way. I think it would have been more fitting if Fang had met her end as well.

Still, it was fun while it lasted. And I can always go back and watch the first season again. That season was awesome.

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