Is impulse trait poorly thought out?

Kineticist Class

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1- it seems to be on everything
2- multiple abilities seem to imply not having an element when used, but have the impulse trait making it so you need the element gathered beforehand (off the top of my head the dedicated gate feat where you can add a reaction catch the element thrown at you)
3-it provokes attack of opportunity.

Now for spell like abilities it can kinda make sense to me.

But basic blasts? Shield block on the earth shield ability?

At this point for proper playtesting I think it would be appreciated if some clarity was brought to some mechanical aspects of certain feats and features. As they, SEEM, to be resulting in unforseen or unintended consequences.

Yeah, it's kinda odd. It being on everything makes it pretty redundant as it doesn't differentiate itself from a simple "requirement: you have a gathered element".

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It does feel weird that every impulse provokes since sure, spellcasting provokes. But when I imagine the sort of movements that the Kineticist does to manipulate their elements they're based on things like martial arts katas (after all, you are a master of unarmed attacks at level 13) which doesn't feel like a thing that should provoke.

Like the Wizard throwing a fireball is distracted by mystic nonsense, but the pyrokineticist is more focusing on their surroundings as their goal is "I want to make the fire I have here go over there."

Overflow things should probably provoke, but a lot of impulses shouldn't provoke any more than "entering a stance" would.

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