Cyclic Blast + 2 action ability combos

Kineticist Class

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Cyclic Blast feat, 6th level, dual or universal gate wrote:
Two elements dance in quick succession. In either order, you can make an Elemental Blast and Gather an Element; you must gather a different element than the one you currently have gathered

Let's talk two action abilities, without overflow, that work with this to let you put together a full round of element blast plus an activity, then you're in a different element in the next round and use one of those combos, then cycle back (or to a third option). You get one full attack without MAP, one supplementary utility/defense/mobility ability (and some rare damaging ones).

For the 1st round, you're often going to want to activate an aura. If you've got the wrong energy gathered when combat starts then you Cycling Blast first, if not then you do it last to swap to the element you want in round 2.

Fair Winds: Aura activation, then don't use this again.
Flinging Updraft: Yeet allies or enemies into favorable/unfavorable locations.
Wings of air: Initiate flight. But this has a 10 minute duration, outside of extremely obsessive exploration mode control you should always have this up tbh.

Geologic Attunement: Aura activation, then don't use this again.
Dust Storm: Aura activation, then don't use this again.
Restoring Mud: Heal.
Igneogenesis: Create cover/block corridor
Spike Skin: Buff
Swim Through Earth: Movement
Rock Rampart: Uh, wall of stone. This will get changed to cost more actions like all the walls, though.
Stone Guardian: Create "summon" that strikes with reach from stationary spot.

Burning Jet: Movement that avoids AOO.
Warming Nimbus: Aura activation, then don't use this again.
Desert Shimmer: Aura activation, then don't use this again.
Kindle Inner Flames: Group buff, the damage part can be reapplied in later rounds
Furnace Form: Personal buff
Horrid Ignition: The only damaging two action ability that isn't overflow and isn't an aura. This is the hotness.

Water Dance: Mobility
Winter's Clutch: Aura activation, then don't use this again.
Torrent in the Blood: Group heal
Sea Glass Guardian: Aura activation, then don't use this again.

Horrid Ignition plus an elemental blast on half your turns and some form of aura activation, movement, buff, or control on your other turns (upgraded Flinging Updraft to reposition five enemies is sure a thing) plus a blast seems good.

At 14th level Flowing Kinetics feat will give you a free step or half speed stride if you're using a two action air/water/fire ability.

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