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Kineticist Class

My gut reactions to the kinetic blasts and the martial element of the class was that the damage was fairly low due to relatively low damage weapons (kinetic blasts), slightly lower than martial accuracy and no real damage adding features (rage, snaek, spellstrike, stances).

But I was wondering has anyone done the maths and how do the kinetesist do. More importantly has anyone go to the playtest bit yet and how does the kinetesist feel.

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I have a scheduled playtest for this week, so I'll be able to talk about it more soon. As for the math on the blast's damage? It's lower than a Champion with a shortbow, which is probably the lowest damage martial option in the game outside of fringe builds with d4 weapons.

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Yeah, I don't think it's hard to call the blasts clearly weak because as you note - the class doesn't get the usual feature of martial classes to tack on damage to strikes.

Now, if the intent is that strikes are filler between impulses, that might work out. But uh... impulses would need to hit harder for me to feel good about that, because "spend 3 actions for the damage of a cantrip" isn't great.

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