Igneogenesis vs. unwilling targets - let's make it happen (or something like it)

Kineticist Class

Igneogenesis: "If you create the object underneath you or another willing creature, you cause the target to rise into the air; you can’t create it under an unwilling creature."

I get it. I get what the ability is intended for. It's utility. You're conjuring stone objects that can be used to lift up yourself and allies. (Among other things; this is a deliciously versatile impulse.) That's fine for them, but it can be very easily exploited battlefield control if used on an enemy.

But as soon as I read that I couldn't yeet enemies to the ceiling, or at least raise them above the battlefield to get them out of melee range of my friends, I needed to know how I DO get to do that. It's probably going to come up at every table that takes the feat, players are creative like that.

The lame, but acceptable solution: just adding language about why it doesn't work under unwilling targets. Something like "The earth is unstable while it's being shaped. An unwilling creature's struggling will prevent the object from forming beneath them, disrupting the effect completely."

The cool solution: Have a heightened effect that can make Igneogenesis work under unwilling targets, maybe against a reflex save or to a limited height. But have another feat, possibly requiring it, that does work for lifting or straight-up launching fools.

Here's an imperfect, cobbled-together homebrew example.
You can raise the earth with lethal force beneath an enemy. A target on the ground takes XdY bludgeoning damage with a basic Reflex save against your class DC as a thin pillar of rock erupts beneath them. On a failure, if the target is large or smaller, they are launched Z feet into the air.
If they fall normally after the launch, they are rendered prone and take (Z/2) additional bludgeoning damage on impact, per the usual falling rules. They land in a space you designate up (Z/2) feet away. This might also cause them to land on a creature. (See p. 464 of the Core Rulebook for rules on that)
Depending on where they land, the surrounding environment (such as a ceiling or soft canopy), or whether they land at all (such as if they can Arrest a Fall or if there is abnormal gravity), the GM may lessen or alter the effect of the landing.
Heightened(+3)The initial damage increases by 1dY, the target is launched an additional 10 feet in the air, takes an additional 5 damage upon landing normally, and can be made to land 5 feet further away from their origin

I included the line about target size because this gets perhaps too silly imagining it on a huge or gargantuan creature. This started *much* more complicated with me referencing the heights of objects the kineticist could make through Igneogenesis, but it's less important to give that feat an offensive use than it is to make an offensive tool similar to it.

Sorry, this veered a little into me just sharing homebrew, but the point is everybody is going to want to do that earthbending move where you stomp and send someone flying, and Igneogenesis's limitations just highlight that that option is missing. It's an important part of "the fantasy."

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