The caster martial trade off

Kineticist Class

At the moment the kinetesist seams caught between caster and martial which would be an OK position to be if they like the magus and summoner had the action economy to balance both.

But lacking the action economy they end up feeling a bit mediocre at both separately, lesser than the sum of their parts.

Which has lead to a lot of debates on both their martial and caster accuracy/dc.

My critic is at the moment they seem to lack something that bring those sides together into a coherent whole.

I am hoping that for the finale release they get something to cross the streams.

Or get an option to focus on or the other, because if I am spending all my actions on gathering and using overflow actions I don't need master martial proficiency.

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Magus and Summoner can generally be considered martials with spellcasting imo. They both get full martial proficiency progression on their strikes and have the usual innate damage boosters of martials (arcane cascade/spellstrike, boost eidolon, etc).

As printed in the playtest PDF, Kineticist is worse at being a martial and doesn't bring enough "spellcaster" to make up for it. The lack of a martial damage boost feature and not getting expert proficiency until 7 are glaring there.

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