Product release time?

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It is 'tomorrow' in my time zone, and I can't find any details by searching.

What time is a product released on street date for new products typically?

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For PDFs? They go off midnight PST I believe, so live now.

For physical copies that'll be up to whatever store you buy from, probably when they open.

Must have just missed it then.

New problem, I'm getting "The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area." In step 3 of the order process, after confirming my payment details.

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Hmm, weird, I'd try clearing your cache and see if that helps.

Didn't work.

Sent an email to CS, but I expect a reply will take a few days.

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Hopefully this gets resolved for you soon :(

I get the same error, has anyone managed to resolve it ? Tried different browsers, incognito mode, another computer, and my phone.

Please Paizo, let me give you my money.

Update: Fixed it by putting it a different adress in the US instead of my French/European one.

This is not a very satisfying solve, as it probably gets a bit murky when it comes to sales tax though...

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Hey, I just moved from Poland to Springfield, Oregon today - what a nice lovely town, is anybody up for some Pathfinder and beer? ;-)

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