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Greetings fellow gamers. Inching back into PFS after being gone for most of the pandemic, and I noticed a handful of tables I GMd going back to 2nd ed launch day (1 Aug 2019) do not list GM credits. I have had zero luck getting mistakes fixed in the past (How exactly am I supposed to prove I wasn't at a specific convention? Or that the organizer reported the wrong scenario number?), but I thought this one is really obvious as it says right on the play record that I was the GM, and it lists Achievement Points, but not GM credits. What I am not seeing is an email address to which I might report these errors. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time, and Happy Gaming!

PS. The main reason I am even bothering with this is that it is the difference between whether I have a Glyph or not...

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Have you hit the "Refresh" button?

That tends to solve most people's issues.

If that doesn't work, you can email orgplayreportingerrors[at]paizo[dot]com

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Ah yep, this is an old issue but it's a quick fix. Email the address Nefreet listed above with the event code & session number of the affected issues.

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Ah, excellent. Thank you! I will do precisely that.

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