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Shazam: Fury of the Gods trailer

Or, as I like to call him: the real Captain Marvel.

Not sure I want to pay to see this in a theater, but it looks like it could be fun. Plus, Dame Helen Mirren as the main villain? What’s not to love about that. She’s completely badass. I’m also glad to see them bringing back Djimon Hounsou.

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I might watch it.

I think I'll stream it and watch Black Adam instead.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Went to see this. Was the only person in the theater--bad news, perhaps, for the franchise, but it was fun to have a big screen and theatrical surround sound to myself. ;)

I enjoyed it. I know coming from me that's not surprising; I tend to go into most of these with low expectations and wanting to have some fun, and I had some fun and my expectations were met if not exceeded. But I thought it was at least as good as the first Shazam, and in many ways better. It was also hands down better than Black Adam (which, mind you, I also enjoyed, but I enjoyed this one consistently more and thought overall had a more cohesive story). Like the first movie, it could have used some tighter editing, but I thought the pacing was better than in the first.

Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu as scenery chewing villains are everything they should be and more.

There's a deus ex machina in the denouement (but thankfully not in the climax or prior) that sort of makes you go "well why didn't the Hesperides just go seek YOU out to begin with?" but I'll forgive it because well... basically because of the reason I'll forgive nearly anything in a DC movie. And it at least thematically made sense, if not fully narratively. And since it came at the end it didn't undercut the main action and character development which seemed to me at least on direct-after-thoughts consistent and solid. Which is better than many movies these days.

The only other narrative hiccup is it ignores the existence of Black Adam which is potentially plot relevant, but Black Adam also ignored the existence of Shazam so that nonsense goes both ways, and I'll just pretend one took place on Earth F and the other Earth 3 or something.

I loved seeing more of Billy's brothers and sisters but I would have liked more Mary in particular. Though she does have one moment of awesome which was fun. The parents are just as awesome in this one as they were in the first movie.

I was glad to spend the money on it (especially for what added up to a private screening) but if you waited till it came out on HBO Max I'd dig it. But I'd say it's at least one of the better DC offerings of late, and I'm going to predict the last best movie we're going to get of the DCEU Era.

Mid-credit scene.

What happened in mid credit:

Seems to suggest they were or are working on a Justice Society movie possibly with Shazam in it, but who knows what will manifest in the Gunn era. It was produced by Safran though so who knows?

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