Interest Check - Forgotten Realms (3rd edition) with Pathfinder 1E mechanics


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The Genasi are the thing I am still finishing. I used the planetouched elemental species from Pathfinder as a base, but they are woefully underpowered, so I'm still reworking them. I have already given a couple of them some abilities, and each will be getting a boost to its spell like abilities. In the end, I will likely leave them with 2 RP unassigned to allow for ease of flexibility.

Maybe it would be possible to choose more of their existing alternate racial traits on top? I think the Genasi are also quite different in abilities as they can have different heritages so 4 rp flexibility would allow a little more creativity. :-)

But I really like your thinking around creating races equal in power level. Thanks

All the alternate options are still available to trade out for existing abilities, the "bonus RP" are simply abilities you can choose without loosing something else.

Whoa. Rather impressive, sir. You've done quite a bit of work there, and definitely balanced things.

Very cool.

Under the half orc, it's stated that Skilled is not available due to it trading for something less expensive.

I guess you mean it's not available for the swap, but since half orcs have 5 freebies, you could pay the difference, or even buy it fully, right?

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Is it weird to ask if you might include esoteric races from The Complete Book of Humanoids? Ogre Magi? Minotaur? :D

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Jereru ah, this confusion is a result of poor editing that allowed duplicate alternate abilities to be introduced for Half-Orcs at different cost. To start, Humans gain the ability "Skilled", which grants 1 bonus skill point per level and costs 4 rp. The Half-Orc has two alternate abilities that grant this: Human Raised and Skilled. Human Raised rightly trades out for two 2 rp abilities, for a cost of 4 rp. But the half-orc's version of Skilled gets it for trading out darkvision, which is only 2 rp (thus granting Half-Orcs a human ability for half the cost that humans pay). So yes, you can take Human Raised for 4 rp if you'd like to gain the extra skill point.

PaleDim sorry but I will not be including such high power ancestries, or any others that aren't already in the document. The document includes those listed in the Forgotten Realms campaign book from 3rd edition, updated to a balanced Pathfinder 1e build.


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Fair enough. Had to ask :D we have an estimated timeframe for the recruitment post? No pressure. Just curious and excited for this.

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Thank you all for your patience. I decided to wait until after the holidays to get this rolling. Recruitment is now live, Trouble in the Realms - a Forgotten Tale.

I am excited to see what everyone submits!

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