Interest Check - Forgotten Realms (3rd edition) with Pathfinder 1E mechanics


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As to the question of rolling stats vs point-buy, I'm good either way.

But if we have to choose, I prefer rolling...there's something just fun and exciting about the randomness. Having to take and use what fate gives you to create a new adventurer and make it work. Reminds me of the old days when I was first starting. I'm not really concerned with balance between characters when I'm playing. Some of my favorite characters, (my own and other players) had only one or two good stats, and had to rp at least one bad one...and it made them more interesting.

Just my two cents.

I for one have fond memories of playing a bard in a campaign with their highest stat being a fourteen and having several stats with a penalty. They were also a first level brought into an eighth level campaign. Pretty much scared for their life and taking cover all the time.

Then they mocked a dragon. They led an interesting life. RIP.

I dislike rolling stats since you can get very large differences in effective point buy. In my experience this tends to exacerbate the caster / martial power divide since the martial classes are usually much more MAD than casters.

It seems to me you have plenty of interest here. You may get more with the recruitment.

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Thank you all for sharing your input regarding this interest check. I think it's safe to say that there's definitely plenty of people looking to explore the Forgotten Realms. Support for both waterdeep and the dalelands as the setting was pretty similar, with more than a few saying they were up for either. I will spend the next few days flushing out both storyline arcs, and see which ultimately sticks with me.

I will similarly finalize rules mechanics, and appreciate all your thoughts on the various matters. I will likely post the recruitment thread within the next week, and we'll put a note here when it is up.

May the d20 roll ever in your favor!




Looking forward to it.

I had all my FR books stolen years ago but would love to play.

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Hey all, just wanted to update everyone: I've spent the past week and a half fleshing out both campaign concepts and think I have finally narrowed down to one. Now I am working my way through setting up the recruitment, and will hopefully have it posted by next Monday. Thank you all for your patience.

I don't mind. I've been through several games that could have benefitted from the GM thinking a little more about the game concept. Heck, I've been that DM.

Take your time

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Yeah, as excited as I was to launch right in after this interest thread, I want to have a clear direction and structure set up.

Good stuff. A new recruitment is the best way to bounce back from rejection!

Hey, just curious if this ever got started, and I missed the official recruitment.

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Monkeygod wrote:
Hey, just curious if this ever got started, and I missed the official recruitment.

Looks like the LastGhost hasn't posted anywhere on the boards in the last month. I hope he's okay. Unfortunately otherwise I would take it that the recruitment is a no go.

Drat. I'd love a chance to play with you guys again.

*Watches thread*

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I hope this long delayed post finds all interested parties doing well. Yes, I am still planning on running this game, but unfortunately circumstances have delayed me over the last several months.

Back in mid-August I had to travel for work for the first time since before COVID started. After two and a half years being as careful as possible to keep my family safe, I picked up the infection, and brought it home to both my toddler and my pregnant wife. I managed through it alright, but both of them suffered complications and ended up in the hospital. Little man bounced back after a short while, but my wife's third trimester faced several complications.

I am blessed to say we now have a healthy 1-month-old son, and everyone in my household is doing well. I have gotten back to working on my notes for this game, and I'm hoping to get things up and running in the next few weeks. I appreciate your patience, and for those reached out to me personally, your support. I've always used gamers as a uniquely human community, and you haven't let me down.

I will update once we're ready to go live with the recruitment.

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Very glad you and family are okay, and congrats to you on the new baby!

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Aye, glad to hear you're all okay, also big grats on the new baby as well!

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A potential new player! Congrats!

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I'm glad to hear that your family is recovering. Congratulations!

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Thank God your loved ones are doing well.
I can't even imagine how stressful it was for you.

And I'm looking forward to the game set. What you are planning looks just great.

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So pleased to hear you're all ok and congratulations! That's an awful lot going on.

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ill toss my hat in when this goes


Glad that all is better.

And very interested!!

Oh, Forgotten Realms, my old favourite back in the days. Yes, I'll dot for interest as well.

How hectic. As for if we are still interested, absolutely. I'm glad things are on the up-and-up.

I know it's a bit delayed, but would you consider:
Fractional Base Bonus?
I am sure you are finalizing your recruitment thread, so I figured I'd ask before you got it up.

I thought this was in full swing already. If the recruiting hasn't officially started yet, count me as interested as well!

Also, Congrats on the new lil' one!

Is there a timeline for recruitment?

So far, we haven't even gotten to the recruitment portion. Just interest.

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GM Nowruz wrote:
Is there a timeline for recruitment?

RL hit the fan for Last Ghost when he was originally going to start the recruitment. He will post I believe when things are settled and ready to recruit.

Per another person's post, I know it is many folks' preference, but if the game were gestalt I would not want to play, personally. (I recognize that may not be a persuading argument against it.)

His last post said within the next few weeks. Given everything that's happened with him recently and the fact that with a newborn both time and brainpower tend to be at a premium, I'd take that time frame at face value and counsel patience.

FWIW gestalt doesn't hold any interest for me either but that's just me.

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Good afternoon everyone, it's great to see the continued level of interest in this game. I don't want to rush the start of it, and am finalizing some player resources before posting the recruitment. Hopefully recruitment will be up by the 1st of December.

To answer a few questions:

1st - after much consideration (and development), I will be moving forward with the Dalelands as the seat of this game.

2nd - no gestalt. There are going to be a multitude of other books going around, gestalt would just make it crazy.

3rd - I do like fractional bonuses, it's balance BAB and SV progression nicely.

I touched on some of the recruitment broad strokes earlier in the thread, but feel free to ask questions if you have them.

Finally, A word to the wise - in like dynamic characters, and the perks/bonuses in the character creation will allow for a lot of creativity and flexibility. Please avoid the desire to 'power build', as I will more than likely not select such a character to be a part of the party.

Dotting for interest!

I grew up playing, and running, forgotten realms. I would love to return with a character.

Really hoping this game takes off, I have a few character classes rolling in my head and hoping to get a shot at this game. Forgotten realms definitely has a soft spot in my heart.

Pre-Spellplague Forgotten Realms? I'm definitely down for that! I loved FR back in the day and a chance to revisit it would be great.

Thank you for answering my questions, @TheLastGhost. I have one more for you that gets asked a lot. Would you consider VMC as an optional ruling system? This one applies to me more than my other questions, as I will probably be multiclassing in two...maybe even three MAD classes to get the character I want (not a power build, a flavor build). VMC or something like that might help. Either way, I don't mind having a weak character as long as they are flavorful and spicy! :D

That's all! Looking forward to seeing the recruitment soon!

Silver Crusade

Glad to hear your family is doing well.

I have several 3.5-era Forgotten realms books so I definitively am interested in this game.

Dot for interest!

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If all goes according to plan, I should have the recruitment live in the next 48 hours. Keep a close watch for more to come!

Looking forward to it!

Definitely looking forward to that! ;-)

Thanks again for GMing!

* Looks at the long line of excited players hoping for a spot in the Realms *

No pressure, LastGhost, huh? * grin *

Looking forward to applying as well.

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Hey all, I have a majority of recruitment all set to go, just putting the final touches on the updated ancestries document.

For those looking for a little preview, follow the link attached to view by updated playable races:
Ancestries of Faerun

Thanks for the document GM. ;-)

May I ask how to fill up the race points exactly for the Genasi? Do we just choose additional abilities ourselves? Thanks

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