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I'm doing some shopping for one of my PCs here, and I was wondering about picking up some spell gems. I've got around 2,051 credits to spend (the rest of the total on the sheet is earmarked for some other items).

What holes in my character's repertoire should I get spell gems to fill?

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Looking at the character, I mainly see some utility spells that could be useful. Which ones you want kinda depends on what you wish to counter by spending money.

lvl 1
* Comprehend Languages in case of first contact scenarios.
* Extra Sense if the need arises for blindsense.
* Life Bubble because magical mist that circumvents armor protection.
* Remote Operation in case you do not want to go near the terminal.

lvl 2
* Command Undead because mindless undead get no save.
* Invisibility because laser traps, and maybe sneaking in.
* Personal Gravity in case gravity shifts towards the bad side.
* See Invisibility in case of invisible creeps.

On another notice though: I think I saw this was a Society character? If that is the case, then you have two spells that aren't allowed in SFS (namely Incompetence and Instant Upgrade), nor is the Cache Augmentation legal in Society. If this isn't an Society character, then you can ignore this.

Character Options

Character Options Armory wrote:
Class Options: All class options are legal for play with the following exceptions: the lightning reload exploit, the pistol whip exploit, the particle wave revelation, and the incompetence spell.
Character Options COM wrote:

All options from this book are allowed for play, with the following exceptions and clarifications:

...Technomancer—Cache Augmentation [Alternate Class Feature], Genehacker’s Cache [remove baleful polymorph as a 6th-level spell option only; the rest of Genehacker’s Cache is legal for play], Brain Hacker [Magic Hack]...
...Spells: Awaken Computer, Blast Door, Delay Countermeasures, Hoverdisk, Mass Hoverdisk, Instant Upgrade, Know Coordinates, Nanite Form, Optimize Technology...

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Absolutely second always having Life Bubble on hand!

In addition to Mr. Bonkers's great suggestions, some other "situational but great when that situation comes up" spell gems to consider are:
Disguise Self
Detect Radiation
Spider Climb
Security Seal and the related Knock

A lot of folks also swear by carrying around some low level spell gems of Summon Creature, just to have a menagerie of useful things on hand: you never know when you might need a water elemental's Douse ability, or a bunch of small flying things that are immune to Fire or Electricity or Whatever damage, and so on.

Lastly, not a spell gem, but one more thing to consider is having an Elemental Gimmick iin case you need to change, I dunno, your Overheat into an OverCold or OverShock or what have you.

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