Lost players in Lost Lands (Private)


Hi everyone,

You all ‘kinda’ know what this is about - so just feel free to dot in, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

I have been (still am) on vacation and mulling things over in my head by the pool or at the beach, so once we are all here I will open the Discussion thread. Then we can start trading some ideas and details.

Let’s do this! ;)

Thanks for the invitation GM-Obermind!

I can't think of a better place to be mulling ideas over. Looking forward to what everyone comes up with.

Thanks for the invite Obermind. Enjoy your time off and Happy 4th to those celebrating today.

Hello all, happy to be here and look forward to creating! Mulling is a great word btw. I need to use it more.

Hi everybody. Nice to see some familiar faces ;)

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Good to have you all here!

We are waiting for one more (perhaps two) to check in before we move along - stay tuned ;)

Hello all, looks like a good group.

I have much less experience on the boards than any of you, and am looking forward to continuing to explore this space.

I am really happy with the group we are gathering here!

There is still one last member to chime in, but in any case I have already opened the Discussion thread, so feel free to move on over and start… Discussing ;)

Hello all! Appreciate the invite, Obermind. Hopefully I'm not to late to the party. :)

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