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I am putting together a new catfolk character and think that I would like to have him be a Firebrand. But I am told you need a special boon to do this. Will someone here please tell me more and how I could get this boon?


It could be part of their backstory without much fuss. I think the thing you're thinking about is the firebrand braggart archetype which does have specific requirements. Of which, you'd need 14 charisma and you need to be a member in the first place. Ask your GM if you would have access from your backstory if that's what you're looking for.

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This sounds like a PFS question, considering the mention of Boons. If this character is indeed for Society Play, the best place to find the answer would either be on the Society forum or in the Society Play rules guide (which I'm sure exists somewhere, but with which I am not personally familiar).

If my peripheral exposure to Society play is anything to go by, I believe you need to earn a Boon by playing a character for a sufficient duration, possibly through enough adventures.

If this is not for Society, it's purely a matter of making sure your GM is cool with it and picking up the aforementioned Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat whenever you qualify for it.

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Mentioning boon it might be something needed for PFS characters.

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IIRC there is a boon in PFS that let's your character be a member of another organization.

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Yes the "Secondary Initiation" boon from the ACP store, covers the role play requirements for joining an organization -- specifically designed for stuff like Firebrands, Knights of Lastwall, Hellknights, etc. If there's non-roleplay requirements (alignment, etc) you still must meet those requirements.

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