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Hello everyone!
I'm just finishing the fifth series and I want to run a session that is the crossover of this universe and starfinder.

The introduction would be Recreation Shadowweaver on Acturna by Carsai the King / Nyarlathotep, which would force her to pay off the debt she incurred by casting a parasitic spell.

The session would start a few years after the end of the series, when the existence of an unknown star around the ravaged zone of ravaged systems would be detected and an expedition would be sent there (and a competitor would send Veskarium and Azalanti).

Some ideas
1. Could it be that Mara destroyed Golarion?
2. She-ra, Imadae, Serenae… connections
3. Referring to Revelation Space, what if Hord Prime was a form of Inchibitor, created by the Firsts acting or rebellious. What if the first ones are hiding somewhere in a similar way to Etheria/ Revelation Amarantine?
4. Spawn of Yog-Sothot as Princess of Acktorn.


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guess i should be watching She-Ra...

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You may want to review the High Science Fantasy subgenre description from the Galaxy Exploration Manual with some Parallel Worlds and/or Time Travel elements.

Depending on how much focus you have on the Dark Tapestry/Dominion of the Black/Lovecraft themes, you may also want to look at the Signal of Screams AP for horror elements.

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Yakman wrote:
guess i should be watching She-Ra...

It's a fun series and honestly Starfinder is a good fit for it. Strong mix of Magic and Sci-Fi, evil Galactic Overlord with an endless army, Magical Princesses, mysterious ancient civilization that wanted to harness magic for their own ends, etc...

Lots of great stuff to build a campaign around

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She-Ra is great. She's obviously a Solarian. I would say Weapon, but she doesn't really manifest independently until later, so I'm gonna say Armor with a later secondary weapon manifestation.

Catra is a... Pahtra... Operative.

Entrapta is a Drone Mechanic.

Glimmer is a Witchwarper with Flash Teleport and maybe some levels in Solar Flare Solarian.

Scorpia is an Evolutionist, and I want to know how she got the full ruleset already.

Double Trouble is a Reptoid Operative.

Perfuma is a Xenodruid, of course.

Bow is an Experimental Weapon Mechanic.

Shadow Weaver is a Shadow Connection Mystic. I haven't given it much thought, why do you ask?

Good question.

Generally, I wanted to present a few ideas that were on my mind. The cartoon in a surprisingly good way added threads from hard SF. I was reading Revelation Space recently and was delighted with how much Beast Island was like Hades. The series was as cheerful as it was dark.

I was inspired a bit by the events from several other sessions that I conducted.
I am also considering adding the counterpart of the white rose from the Black Company and perhaps its magical version of the red rose.

As for the mechanics, I would use rather unique grafts assigned to runestones ect but this is rather a secondary issue because it concerns npc.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Dracomicron, how you gonna leave out my boy Captain Sea Hawk, who must be an envoy who makes liberal use of Not In The Face XD

Actualy he is clear example of path 2ed swashbuckler with low level. Or LOW stats.

Kishmo wrote:
Dracomicron, how you gonna leave out my boy Captain Sea Hawk, who must be an envoy who makes liberal use of Not In The Face XD

Honestly I got to Sea Hawk and I was like, really I'm tired now. They get the point.

(of course he's an Envoy)

Another question.

Etheria basicaly don't have sun... So vapires will by so hapy there.

So i started campaign ss-Starfinder-She-ra

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