What ways can I make an area fit for plant growth?

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Was wondering, other than control weather, if there are any ways to make an area that would otherwise not allow plant growth to naturally allow and sustain plant growth for a long time possibly forever?

What makes the plants grow? Contrary to popular murderhobo belief, it is not "blood, blood, blood!" It is in fact a combination of light, water and nutrient rich soil.

If you can combine these elements, you can develop SOME kind of plants to target with Plant Growth. Any spells then that create or summon these necessities would work. It is debatable if Continual Light generates enough light to raise plants from, but there's one possibility right there. For water, a simple Create Water spell set up as a "trap," by which I mean a self-resetting device, triggered by the growth of plant material, that then showers a small area every 24 hours w/water. For soil, a permanent Unseen Servant that you can command to dig and carry local soil from an exterior source or perhaps permanent gates to the Plane of Earth depending on your power level.

Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?

In general farming is all about composting poo and other organics back into the soil (start humming "The Circle of Life") along with crop rotation and access to water for a consistent watering schedule. Keeping local insects & animals from poaching your harvest is also a big concern.

Spellwise just search AoN for Spells using keyword "plant".
There are also several obelisks in Glorian lore that sustain/enhance plant life in a large area.

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