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I finally finished the mwangi expanse book, and amongst the plot threads I found most interesting was the hungry school (and to a lesser extend, the king of bitting ants, which may be tied to the school since they are both about ants and tied to the color red). But I can't seems to find any more info on the school, is there any other book (from either edition) that talk about it in more detail? Anything that confirm they are tied to each other?

I'm thinking of making an oracle tied to the school somehow, so I would like as much info as possible on these.

Dark Archive

Hungry school gets mentioned in dark archive in the curse lore section. Apparently they are specialized in curse that makes people see and taste everything as worthless and terrible. They have habit of ransoming people they curse so that they would lift curse and apparently some of them use the curse on themselves to illustrate their philosophy.

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