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I am starting up my first campaign on here and it won't let me post to Gameplay. I am not sure the Gameplay is attached to the rest of the boards because when I go into edit the campaign there is a link that if the Discussion and Recruitment are the wrong threads, but not one for Gameplay.

Any advice on how to fix this? The campaign is here.

It's hard to tell, but did you make a Gameplay thread and then go back and delete the very first post? If so, that always ends up breaking the thread and, to my knowledge, there's no good way to fix it except to start a new campaign thread and leave that first Gameplay post in place :\

I did delete something. I did not know that would cause the problem. Thanks for the information.

Iflagged your post to be moved to the Website Feedback forum right after you posted it.

Staff can fix that thread for you s oyou can use it for your game.

Alternatively, send an email to and ask for assistance.

But, yeah, deleting the first post is a known bug that locks the gameplay thread.

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