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New Predator movie!

I’d been wondering what Disney would do cinematically with the Predator franchise. I think it’s going to be on Hulu, though.

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This was pretty good, reminds me a lot of the original film

Kind of a sad twist at the end though

I literally went "Hey isn't that.....oh...oh dear"

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I don’t have Hulu, so I probably won’t be watching this. The three reviews I’ve watched so far have it ranging from “meh” to “average”. Lots of praise for the cinematography and scenery. Decent special effects. Good action sequences. The reviews said the story was slow at times, and some stuff was a bit head-scratching. At least two of the reviews both agree it was far superior to the last Predator movie, as well as both Aliens vs Predator movies.

Canada kind of lucks on in that regard our version of Disney+ includes Star so we get all the Disney stuff and All the 20C stuff in one package

One thing I noticed is that this particular Predator is they were a little more low tech than some of the others. Could be by choice or simply because of 300+ year time gap. Guy really liked Melee

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