Bravery and Resounding Bravery, how do they interact?

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So I have a question about the interaction between the Fighter's Bravery feature and the Resounding Bravery feat.

Bravery makes a rolled success on a Will save vs a Fear affect count as a critical success:"When you roll a success at a Will save against a fear effect, you get a critical success instead."

Resounding Bravery says, "When you critically succeed at a Will save against a foe's ability,... These benefits are doubled if you critically succeed against a fear effect."

So, if I parse this correctly, if a Fighter rolls a normal success on a Will save, nothing happens. If he crits, he gets the benefits from Resounding Bravery. So far, so good.

But if the save is triggered by a Fear effect, a success gets upgraded to a critical success. And Resounding Bravery refers to just critically succeeding (which you do automatically on a success) and not to 'rolling a critical success'.

Would it therefore mean that a Fighter who succeeds on a Fear save gets a +2 status bonus to saves and a number of temporary Hit Points equal to their level for 1 minute?

Seems like intimidating a Fighter with a decent WIS and Resounding Bravery is potentially self-defeating.

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You are correct.

As for it being self-defeating, the player did spend a class feat to make his successes more helpful to himself and others; it wouldn't be fair for a GM to metagame with that knowledge in mind unless the enemies have already seen the ability in action.

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