*SPOILERS* Rise of the Runelords with Dragons *SPOILERS*

Rise of the Runelords

Already warned of spoilers in the subject. And if you are in group "Bumble Grumble" please stop reading this.

Hey folks I'm GM for a group running through this AP.
Currently they are almost done with Fort Rannic. I am just getting ready to start reading book 4, so I don't know what is there yet.

I overheard a few of my players lamenting over the last few years there has been a lack of the legendary dragons as anything except maybe a young one as wandering monster or a boss fight. In the novels and tales, dragons are something you have to deal with, work for, outsmart, etc...

So I'm thinking about adding at least 1 (maybe more) dragons to the AP after book 3. Not just a monster that you storm in upon and cut down though. I was thinking about making it an NPC that the party has to make a deal with. Maybe bargain for info. Get some magical ability from. Convince it to side with them. Or at least make it break a deal with the other side. Something like that.

To those of you who have already GM'd or played through this, is there a good candidate for an NPC to transform into a dragon? Or a semi-empty place that one could be well placed?

Looking for suggestions.

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Next book has a dragon, giants, mayhem and adventure. (There are technically a few dragons, but one they can break from its Plan A and then possibly be able to do some of the negotiations etc.)

Book 5 also has a dragon which gave my party nightmares about walls closing in. This I think would be the better one to use in the negotiations and bargaining.

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Yeah, the next book has a dragon doing dragon things. That poor town.

In my campaign, a PC ranger decided that 1v1 with the dragon using his bow was a good idea. Insert focused dragon = poor ranger barely escaped with single-digit hp.

Was anyone else disappointed when this turned out not to be with dragons *as PCs*?

glass wrote:
Was anyone else disappointed when this turned out not to be with dragons *as PCs*?

Sorry to disappoint. Maybe my next campaign.

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