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I have a former player of mine that relocated a couple years ago. He's contacted me regarding finding PFS events in his new location. I was going to direct him to the venture officers list to find locations that host PFS in his new area but I can't find a list anywhere!

I've searched these message boards and found a couple old links that no longer work, and I've looked in the Guide to Organized Play as well.

Can anyone provide me a functioning link to a venture officer list?

Thanks in advance!

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Use this list of regions to reach an RVC who can then direct to the appropriate local VO.

Alternatively ask on the VO discord.

There's no longer a public list of VOs at all levels over various privacy concerns.

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map of flat rolling surfaces probably needs some post corona updating but should be able to guide your guy to a game.

Grand Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Agent, Pennsylvania—York

Awesome! Those will both be very useful.


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