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Hey all, I’m looking for a way to integrate one of my PC’s backgrounds into my game, and I thought I’d ask for any advice people can think of.

I have a PC who is a Catfolk Mastermind Rogue drug smuggler who smuggled Ice Tears (actual drug in lore, check it out on pathfinder wiki) to Hinji in Cheliax from the Shackles. The Sons of the Tear handled distribution there and he didn’t make a whole lot of money. He heard the cartel was talking about expanding into Varisia using Sczarni connections for distribution. It turns out his “friend” who came with him on his voyage is one of the few people who knew how to make Ice Tears (normally need to be shipped from Garund) and he died making them in an explosion (an ice explosion), and the PC was the first to find his body and formulas/notes, some of which had been frozen in the explosion. He took what he could find and took rubbings of the frozen formulas and then smashed them so nobody else could read them.

At which point he abandoned the Sons of the Tear and took a boat to Magnimar, now the only person in the northern hemisphere with Ice Tear making knowledge (albeit it incomplete).

He now has the partial formula/process for making Ice Tears and he wants to find a partner (like an alchemist to actually make them and figure out the missing parts of the recipe) and maybe get some Sczarni connections to help with distribution. He’s starting in Sandpoint to lay low because he’s scared the larger Sczarni gang in Magnimar has the resources to perhaps figure out a way to make him obsolete.

I’ll include the whole background below in the comments for anyone who wants to read it (I was fairly happy I was able to cobble together a reason justifying Catfolk in Varisia + drug smuggling ), as it includes some details I’ve left out.

So obviously he’s going to need to establish himself with Jubrayl, so that will be an ongoing project, as are his attempts to find a partner. I was thinking having the Sons of the Tear somehow find out that he has the partial Ice Tear recipe and send people after him later in the campaign.

An additional idea is how this will get him a ton of greed points, which I’m pretty excited about.

Any pointers?

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So if you are using the anniversary edition go to the sandpoint entry in the apendix and look at Location 42(Fatman's Feedbag) and 16(The Pillbug's Pantry)

Spoilers go away players:
The owner of pillbug is a decent alchemist and a poisoner on the side and is considered a Varisian by the Scznari so he could 'join'. The Feedbag is the tavern for sailors and less reputable people of town. The owner who acts as a patron of the bar is actually the Local Scznari leader. Your player would definitely want to be in with them. While it isn't part of the AP Sherriff Hemlock suspects Jubrayl as the Sczarni leader and wants to take him out or into custody. Your rogue player could be a double agent. Either protecting the Scznari or trying to take over as Hemlock wouldn't suspect one of the Heroes of Sandpoint to be working in its underbelly.

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