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Teaser Trailer released.

I’m….intrigued, though leery. In my opinion, the MCU since Endgame has been more hit or miss. We’ve got a great cast here, however, and Taika Waititi back to direct. And it looks like they gave him writing chores this time as well.

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I'm pumped! Olympians, Lady Thor, GotG! And strong likelihood of introducing MCU Hercules.

I dunno about hit or miss for me, since while yes, Eternals and BW weren't THAT strong, Shang-Chi and Spider-Man hit it out of the park. So for me, This, Doctor Strange and BP 2 are going to be excellent.

And yes Jane Foster, MIGHTY THOR! (and I think the inclusion of the Omnipotence City maybe...I HOPE!)

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I’m not a fan of what they’ve done with Thor lately. I like Thor a bit more serious and … Shakespearian I guess. I’m not really a fan of the funny, jokey Thor but I can take it in small doses.

In fact, I LOVED Endgame, but for me all that fat drunk Thor stuff was by far my least favorite part of the movie.

And I really don’t like the direction Taika Waititi has taken Thor - way to goofy for me.

It’s probably no surprise then that I thought this trailer looked kind of cheesy. The movie may end up being good, but based on this teaser, I have zero interest in seeing the movie.

I am, on the other hand, SUPER excited about Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness!

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So there's a tik toker I follow who is huge into reviewing comics and other media. She hinted at this trailer suggesting Thor has lost his worthiness, thus delivering Lady Thor to the MCU. I really hope that's not the angle they go.

Thor's whole arc from Infinity War and Endgame revolved around him not going for the head, letting himself go, and then when speaking with his mother during the time heist, proving to himself he was STILL worthy after all of that.

It made me cry. Even gods suffer loss, depression; even gods question whether they're good enough. When the chips were down and Thor was feeling his worst, he got reminder that he was still worthy.

Negating that, especially when he's finally doing some serious soul searching, trying to find out who HE is rather than who he was made to be in Asgard… I just really hope that's not the direction they've taken.

As to the hit-or-miss nature of the MCU, I'd say that was inevitable. Its the same in the comics. There were some runs of the X-Men, some writers and artists I loved. There were also whole careers' worth of X titles in the late 90's/early 2000's that made me sad for Marvel. The reality is, there are lots of ways to take these characters, lots of different voices to tell their stories.

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I saw a comment from someone hoping Beta Ray Bill shows up in a postcredits scene, and I agree that would be pretty cool.

I'm with John, if there's no post credit scene or even a long cameo of Beta Ray Bill, I'll be less happy.


Right now I think while Thor is 'lighter' we still haven't seen the full extent of Gor (who is honestly even scarier than Hela) so I think we can expect something of a balance.


I seriously doubt Thor (MCU) is unworthy. Clearly Endgame shows he is. What I think is more likely is some one (maybe Etiri) reforges Mjolnir and Jane obviously becomes Mighty Thor.

Truly this is s a gift from the gods

This trailer gave me chills. Also decent to good Gorr the God Butcher.

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I saw the new trailer showcasing Gorr. I thought he looked like the long-lost child of Uncle Fester.

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Not sure what to think about the new trailer …

Still seems to much Jokey Thor for me.

So far, I think this will be one I catch on Disney+ at some point if at all.

I think you're missing out Marc. Especially since Gorr (while not 100% comic accurate look) WILL be the best villain of 2022. Also going to see on TV...not as good. I say that having seen No Way Home and Doctor Strange....and now on TV...less thrilled.

Also like to point out that Jane has such control over Mjolnir, she can literally have it fly apart as bullets and reforge. How cool is that?!!

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I'll be watching on TV, to continue trying to avoid Covid, though if it wasn't for that I'd see this in the theater.

I'm willing to risk Covid for Thor. In the same way I was willing to risk it for Doctor Strange. (and then BP) But otherwise, my ass is staying home/out of theaters for as much as I can.

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I usually try to go several weeks after the premier.
Before Covid, there was a 90% chance of coming down with a cold or flu if I went during the first couple of weeks because some stupid idiot 20 rows down was coughing up a lung.

Early Matinee and the theatres are practically empty, me and a friend went to Dr. Strange and had plenty of space.

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Gorr kinda looks like Voldemort to me.

Eh. You're not wrong, but he's also cooler than Voldy. I mean Voly couldn't kill a kid. Gorr has God kills under his belt.


Same here. It was a little crowded in our area of the theater but otherwise on opening weekend, plenty of room to sit.

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MCU Lurky and Murky are badass!

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The slow parts were a LOT better than Ragnarok, but the fight scenes weren't quite as epic.

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Watched it on Disney+. Took a little bit before I realized it, but this was absolutely a kids film. Still fun but, Sharkboy and Lava girl fun.

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I saw this in theaters, and then watched again Sunday on Disney+. I think the movie has some issues with an inconsistent tone. The cancer plot seems really thin and deserves more. I think it would have been great if they had done a Mighty Thor series with Jane so that we could experience some of that stuff from the comics, then paid it off in the movie.

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