D&D Beyond purchased by HASBRO


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Final confirmation that this rumored deal has finally come through.

A few interesting things of note.

- It's being bought out from Fandom completely, with no partial shares or ownership/control being left with Fandom, instead, it is going to be wholly owned and operated by the new HASBRO overlords.
- The agreement was announced with a $146.3 Million price tag, 100% CASH purchase. (Which to me, is the CRAZIEST part of the whole thing)
- This sale represents almost as much money as the entire company is worth in totality according to most public estimates of its reasonable valuation.

Some how not surprised by this move by Hasbro.

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Business is so alien to me. So D&D the game was already owned by Hasbro, but the digital toolset TO that game, with the name of the game as part of the name of this product, was owned by someone else until JUST NOW? Anyway, good for Hasbro I guess.

Life is weird man. A day ago a seemingly indestructible boat got sunk on the same day in history 110 years ago ANOTHER famous indestructible boat sank. So...take that.

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