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Hey everyone,

I recently ordered the Core Set and the Curse of the Crimson Throne expansion from two different retailers here in Finland. Upon receiving the products and going through the cards I have noticed that both of the sets share the same card defects. There are cards that have white dots and/or green specks on their backs. The shade of the back print varies greatly.

Also, a card in the core set had a red smear on it and couple cards were stuck together resulting in tear marks. In the Curse expansion, some cards were cut off-center, resulting in uneven borders. Few cards have a green tint on their face side. The bottom cards of the plastic wrapped decks were damaged.

I first received the Core Set, whose retailer I have contacted and they told me to contact Paizo. It has been over a week since I emailed Paizo and there has been no contact from their side. I received the Curse expansion today and contacted its retailer just now.

Overall I'm frustrated with my experience. At 60€ per set, I expected better quality. What really sucks is that I do like the game. I first tried it solo in Tabletop Simulator and decided to get physical copies to play with my family. This has caused me more headache than enjoyment and I am now regretting my purchase, wishing I had stuck with digital instead and decided to get another game to play with them.

What has your experience been like? Have you had any issues with defective cards? If so, how long did it take to get the issue resolved? Did you have any problems with international shipping?

Here in the U.S., there was an issue with the color. If I recall correctly, the level 0 and level 1 cards from the Core Set had noticeably darker backs than the rest, meaning you had to sleeve them in opaque sleeves if you didn't want to spot the difference. I hadn't heard about the other issues previously, but I can understand your disappointment and frustration.
I've been satisfied with Paizo Customer Support in the past, though sometimes responses have been delayed.

Unfortunately, these printing errors have been present in my copy as well (ordered and delivered in the USA once it was released). The back of some cards and to a similar degree the front have somewhat different colours among both sets. In total, I counted something like 5 shades of orange / red on monsters (front side) and ~ 3 shades of red / dark red border (back side).
My Shortbow has a large red splotch on the back, while the Lightning Touch a smaller splotch, the rest is OK.
Off-center cuts have been present before (my copy of Skull&Shackles has uneven borders in many cards), but the colour problems were - to my understanding - new.
One can live with that even without opaque sleeves, provided the Proxy A's and B's do not have a markedly different back-side border. Mine do :(
Customer support is reportedly very good at Paizo, but I can't attest that myself. Generally, for me the game is good enough to overlook such problems.

A fellow Finn here. I had similar issues with the Core Set, though mostly only on three cards. Red and white splotches on the backs, and also had two cards stuck together, resulting in tearing.

I also had some off-center printing and slight color variance, but felt it wasn't severe enough to affect gameplay. There was enough variance on that throughout the cards that guessing a card by its back wasn't easy, so a non-issue for me personally.

I contacted Paizo's customer support and they sent replacements for the cards with splotches after I gave them the specifics on which cards were affected and how. I just checked my email archive and looks like it took me 6 days to get a response, and 4 days for the next follow-up, so a bit on the slow side. That was also in 2019, so not the most recent case. :p

Update: Paizo are willing to replace my Core Set, with delivery taking up to 8 weeks. Also, the retailer of the expansion accepted the product to be returned, but unfortunately ran out of stock, and were unable to send a replacement. I'm hoping my copies were just a case of bad luck, and that I'm able to get my hands on a clean print of the expansion from somewhere else. If not, I'm debating just getting opaque sleeves to not have to worry about this any further.

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