Choosing an adventure for Solo play


Hey, nice people of Golarion! I have a question to which you might be able to answer, and if not at least discuss about it and help me make a decision.
I was thinking of running a Solo Campaign using DM Yourself and DM Yourselves by Tom Scutt, as an exercise for GMing and creative writing (I plan to keep some kind of blog about it), but I can't decide which Module or Adventure Path to play. At first I was thinking of playing Rise of the Runelords, but having played 1.5 books of that AP I think it wouldn't be a "genuine" experience. I thought about playing the Price of Immortality series of Modules, but having read most of the first two parts years ago for GMing a group of noobs feels less interesting as well. Council of Thieves was another choice I thought about, but it doesn't look very interesting.
What should I run to play pretend all by myself? Should I look into other APs/Modules? Maybe the older APs set in Greyhawk? Or just go with RotRL even if the first parts are kind of "spoiled"?
I would like to discuss this with you, to clear my head and take a decision

At first blush, I would say go in blind. Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you've never played before. Read only the back cover, intro, or synopsis before you build your character(s). If you're trying to create an "authentic" play experience, you want as little metagame foreknowledge as possible.

Since you are playing solo, I'd also advise you build characters you've always wanted, but never gotten, to play. If you've got any themes or teams in mind, go for it; even if they aren't optimal or entirely campaign/setting appropriate.

Depends on how much time you're willing to dedicate to it, frankly. I'd go with a module.

Feast of Ravenmoor is a good one though. Lots of RP hooks for the writing half and some good tactical challenges when it gets actiony.

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