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I've picked up baldurs gate again, and I was thinking that I rather liked the multiclassing in that game. I also realized that something like it could be applied to 3.x/pf1. I don't really know enough of pf2 or 5e to know if it'd work for those systems though.

So here is my rough sketch, and then you guys can tear it to pieces below.

I call this simo-classing, like simultaneous classing.

You pick multiple classes at first level. These are selected in a particular order that doesn't change.

You gain the hd/hp, bab, and base save bonuses from the first class.

[Optional. I normally disallow stacking the +2 bonus for good saves, so in this rule variant, all the good saves from the chosen classes get the +2 upfront. If you choose to allow those +2s to stack, just treat them as part of the normal save bonus.]

Take all other non-stacking class features from all the selected classes.

At first, no class features can apply to the features from the other classes.

You gain xp at a rate equal to 50% + (50% divided by the number of classes taken).

As you gain enough xp to reach another character level, you gain the hd/hp, bab, and save bonuses from the next class, each in their order. Additionally, at each of these levels, you can choose to allow a class feature to impact the features of another class. The features in question must still be able to work together normally anyway. This variant rule doesn't allow features to work together if they wouldn't normally do so under the standard rules.

Once enough xp has been earned to buy the first level in all the classes chosen, you repeat this process.

This can only be chosen at first level, and if the character ever deviates from this path, such as choosing a prestige class, they can't advance the chosen classes individually, nor may they return to the progression, once a character is off the path, they can't return to it. The exception to this is if a class is paired with racial hd, and progressed forward. Once all the racial hd are bought, the regular class/es can continue to progress.

So what do you guys think?

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That’s more or less the version of multiclassing from AD&D 1e&2e

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Yep. As I said, I'm adapting it from baldurs gate for 3.5/pf1.

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To add to this, I find some value here because it is not uncommon that I want to play a half-n-half character, taking alternating levels between two classes, which can be awkward during that first level when the character concept can't be fully realized yet because you get a single class only even the concept is dual class. For example, a swordmage that is supposedly raised and trained dor martial and magical skill, well if I find that fighter sorcerer fits the concept best, it is awkward during that first level in which I either can't do magic, or I can't use the weapon I'm carrying around.

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GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
Yep. As I said, I'm adapting it from baldurs gate for 3.5/pf1.

Yeah, I wasn't confused on what you were doing. More suggesting you look at the prior editions text about multiclassing rather than trying to adapt it from the video game that adapted it from the TTRPG. Kind of a "go to the source" recommendation.

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Oh? Is there a reason for that? Some problem, issue, or aspect that you feel the original handles better than what I've done?

I'm not discounting your suggestion, but I mean the question literally.

My goal isn't to make an exact copy save fitting the new system, but rather is merely heavily inspired by the concept and built up according to my own design. Thus it isn't so much my concern how closely it matches 2e, but I do want it to work well, so if there are aspects that could be improved, not in terms of similarity to 2e, but rather in terms of being fun and working somewhat naturalistically balanced and being an appealing option.

A lot easier to understand what you're getting at if you just say it rather than expect me to understand your intent from reading something not directed at me.

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The recommendation was based on looking to the source for specificity of how it integrated into the original mechanics rather than that adaptation to best suit the adaptation of the class mechanics for the game.

Might make it easier, might fight something you missed.

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