Auspice animal companion's effective cleric level?

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So in my Iron Gods game, one of my players acquired an animal companion and opted to give it the Auspice archetype, choosing Glory for the domain to gain Touch of Glory so the animal companion can boost their master's Cha-based skills once per day. The question is, what would the animal companion's effective cleric level be for this? Would it be 0? Would it be equal to the animal companion's HD? The Auspice archetype does not specify. l-companion-archetypes/auspice-companion-archetype/ glory-domain/

This is just a case of Paizo giving up on 1e but still needing to publish material until they had 2e ready for release. We can guess at what would be fair and balanced (imo HD=Cleric Level), but you will never get an official answer to any of the s~!& they hastily put out this late in 1e's life cycle.

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If you're trying to trace out a "RAW" answer it would do nothing since the animal companion does not have cleric levels. But it seems unlikely they would intentionally make so many choices worthless without stating something.

So ask your GM. I'd make the effective cleric level equal to its HD.

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