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I'm currently running a homebrewed adaptation of Curse of the Crimson Throne and I'm in need of an upcoming side quest. I'm hoping the community might have some suggestions for a portion of an existing AP (1e or 2e) or even other published material that I can use. Hoping for something along the lines of going into a druid grove / magical valley / etc, to solicit the help of the local druids/fey/elves/etc, but something dark and twisted has poisoned the area and needs to be resolved.

I'm totally open to reflavoring things, rewriting things, etc, and just looking for even a minimum framework for inspiration. I'm currently considering reflavoring the Shoanti portion of the Curse of the Crimson Throne, but I'm wondering what else might be out there.

I'd love to hear your suggestions!


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so i've never used these, but legendary games put out a series of products called 'Red Queen' which are supporting material for CURSE.

there's some side adventures and other stuff which might help out.

for the specific corrupted grove, book 5 of Ironfang Invasion or Book 2 of Giantslayer might be right up your alley.

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Well, for starters I'd look at the PFS Scenario The Green Market which is a Druid/Nature urban adventure IN Korvosa. You can start there and just add some Macguffin at the end. But it's one of those 'how perfect is this?' adventures that you're looking to fit in. It's made for Druids and such who want a moment in the sun in an urban setting. And the 'mystery' at the end is pretty close to what you're looking for.

Then, Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a wilderness adventure just outside of Korvosa, in a varied stretch of land-types in the Mindspin Mts. Swamps, forests, an evil Fey BBEG. You can tinker with the Flavor of the adventure to your liking and change the Macguffin from 'Korvosa-wants-you-to-clear-out-the-area-for-caravans' to whatever you make of the end of "The Green Market" that fits your needs.

These two are Korvosa adventures and could easily be given slightly different atmospheres -- I would go all in for those.

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